Dress Code


Revised August 18, 2016

The dress and grooming standards of the Fairview School are meant to promote a positive, professional learning environment for all students.  While styles vary greatly outside of school, governing school boards are allowed by their community to set standards for public schools in order to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruptions or distractions, or regulate any other clothing, accessories, or hairstyles that may adversely affect the school environment.


The following statements are meant to clearly explain dress code expectations in specific areas:

“Sagging pants” are not allowed.  All types of pants, shorts, or skirts must be worn at the waist or above at all times from the moment of arrival until departure from school property. All boys are required to have a belt. Shirt tails are not allowed to cover sagging.  Oversized or overly long shirts or tees are not allowed.

Pants, shorts, and skirts must not have holes or tears above the knee.

Shorts must extend to the knee.  No boxer shorts, athletic shorts, biking shorts, or cutoffs.  

Skirts and dresses must be longer than finger tips. 

Yoga pants, leggings, jeggings, tights, exercise/training sportswear, or excessively tight pants must be worn with a shirt or skirt that is longer than the fingertips.

Spaghetti straps, tank tops, muscle shirts, basketball jerseys and the like must be worn with the appropriate under garment (i.e. Tee shirt)

Tube tops, spaghetti straps, exposed midriff or cleavage, halter type blouses or mesh/see through shirts are not permitted. 

Sleeveless tops may be worn by girls if straps are 2 inches or larger and cover all undergarments

No hats, bandannas, hoods, hair nets, skull caps, wallet chains, sunglasses or trench coats are allowed to be worn in the buildings.

Items of clothing that display slogans, language, pictures or drawings must be “content neutral”.  Items on clothing that are provocative, offensive, violent, profane, sexual, drug or alcohol related, tobacco related, gang related, gun or weapon related, or promote death, blood or hate messages will not be permitted.  Pictures or drawings of individuals who promote any of these items are not allowed.

Visible tattoos, body paint, pen marks or drawings on skin are not allowed.

No visible body piercings are allowed other than earrings or studs for girls.  Girls and boys may not wear gauges or any other device used to enlarge holes in earlobes or any other part of the body. 

Clothing intended for other purposes such as pajamas, house shoes, or slippers are not allowed.  Appropriate shoes should be worn at all times.

Hairstyles or unnatural hair colors that, in the judgment of the school administrator, cause a disruption, or do not appear to be a natural color for hair will not be allowed.  Shaved designs in hair or unnatural distinct lines are not permitted.

Chain necklaces must not be excessive in size or length, no wider than a half inch and may not have over sized or heavy pieces of metal on them.

Boy’s hair must be no lower than the eyebrows and may not extend below the bottom of a collared shirt.  No ponytails, Mohawks, or designs in the hair are allowed.  No shaved eyebrows. Boys will be clean shaven at all times.

Students assigned to the discipline unit must follow these guidelines as well as others that are unique to the DAEP. (Disciplinary Alternative Educational Placement)

While it is inevitable that there will be differences of opinion regarding the appropriateness of student attire, the final decision lies with the campus administrator or designee. This includes any items that are not listed in the code.

Students in violation of the dress code will be asked to change and/if necessary wear clean clothing provided by the school.  Students who fail to meet the dress code requirements may be assigned In-School Suspension for the rest of the school day or may be suspended from school for repeated violations.  Refusal to comply with school directives could result in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement.



Fairview Dress Code:  Revised 08-2016